In Love with Naked 3

Initially, I was resistant to the idea that I would fall in love with Naked 3, but now I am fully confident in stating that, yes, I love Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette.

I wanted a dramatic look and, specifically, was looking for the Naked palette. Not being able to snag that from Ulta online (or locally), I picked up Naked 3. And, boy, am I glad I did.

2014-04-21 04.08.18 3

I love the browns and, in particular, the two darkest colors on the right. The shimmers in the middle are not necessarily something I would have picked initially, but I’ve used and reached for the palette solidly in the last two weeks.

Do you have Naked?


New Muppets



I LOVE the Muppets. My father/daughter dance was to the Rainbow Connection, for goodness sakes…

I was flailing hard the last time there was a Muppet collection. I have to say that I must be slipping, because OPI slipped these by me. Left is Muppets World Tour and on the right is Kermit me to Speak.

Whaddya think? Think I chose wisely?

Because, having researched the collection, I really think I did.
Got to see some cool stuff–the left one is a sandish, glitter and the right one is perfect as a base.

I ordered what?

My husband stopped at my Grandmother’s home last night and brought home some mail.
Mail I wasnt sure what was because it was supposed to come to our house. Iy also had an ebay postage sticker on it, which threw me for a loop because I don’t ebay much anymore.
So I opened the package, and out popped these beauties.

Yay indie polish! I must officially be a blogger.


I work in a sort of ghetto place, so sometimes finding things is very hard. Case in point, the OPI Gwen collection. I got lucky with Sally’s, but they didn’t carry everything (specifically the exclusive Gwen color). And, while I stumbled across a beauty supply shop (which, btw, advertised Vivica Fox’s extensions line–and it’s really pretty) and went in to get some clips for sectioning my hair for the insanely amazing early valentine’s day present I got from my husband.* (*sorry that was a really long run on sentence).

And, as I was at the register, I noticed this lovely.



It was retail (plus 4 cents, I think), gulp, but it has swarovski elements. And unless Julep is the most insanely awesome box I’ve every seen, I’m not buying any more polish in the forseeable future. So really, it was a necessity. Especially considering how hard it’s been to get this particular polish. I have not seen it in the wild yet. And, hello, it’s my girl, Gwen, AND it has swarovski elements!



The package looks like it should be an album cover insert. It’s so luxe.


Pardon the bad lighting, I had to take this on the dl because I didn’t want anyone seeing I was taking a picture. The elements look really cool, and there’s a booklet with ideas AND nail glue.

Super excited about this.
Review to follow.

Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts?


Life with Nails

I bit my nails for most of my life. And, while I consider myself cured of biting, I still pick my nails.

I usually have 1-2 short nails at any given time, but right now, I am towards the zero short nails–which I am happy about.

I must remind myself to do nail maintenance–like buffing, filing, clippling and oiling my cuticles. These are things that most nail-centric people learn earlier in life; Because I was a biter, I missed the boat on this.

Had I not bitten my nails, I would also be able to perform normal human functions without scratching myself or breaking/bending a nail. Things like contacts wouldn’t be so scary.

Overall, I am really happy that I have nails, and I happily tap them like a raptor throughout the day. But, I also have to be mindful.

Am I sad that I quit biting? Not on your life. Just wonder if I should have succeeded sooner.



My husband and I exchanged early Valentine’s day gifts today (okay, pressured him into it) and I was very surprised to find this little thing in an amazon box.

It’s huge. It’s scary and I really have to watch it–my hair snarls in it very easily (I have thick, long hair)…

He heard me reference it once, and I guess really liked the curls I had at the wedding, so yeah. LOL.

Haven’t yet figured out the best way to use this–but I’m going to try!

Samplin’ Samplin’

We went to the mall this weekend. And, apart from my huge early part of Valentines day gift, I got gifted some samples…

First, I was thinking about checking out MAC, but they had a huge show and I was not 100 percent down with the colors, so I picked up a free sample of Clinique repairwear laser focus. They are running a promo now, you get a 2 week sample and in two weeks you bring back the container and get another one.

On the way out of Macy’s I said hi to the Origins girl and she asked if I wanted to sample anything. I said brightening. Because I ❤ Origins.

In the spanse of 10 feet, I picked up two cool samples. Score!

Have you picked up any samples? Have you tried either of these? What do you think?