Review Skin Crisis Intervention : Suki Rescue Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

This review contains no products I have not personally paid for; I am not receiving any monetary compensation for this review.

I got my first birchbox recently, and one of the products I received immediately piqued my interest.

A small plastic container with some yellow ‘stuff’ in it, turned out to be a citrus-smelling foaming exfoliating cleanser. I was floored–first, I had no idea that exfoliation could foam (I guess I am late to the party) and second, the smell was AMAZING.

Literally, I wanted to go pick citrus fruits every time I opened this little plastic container. 

The sample I received from Birchbox (which I got in my June box) was 0.2 oz. With the current price of the 1 oz product, the value of this sample is around $2.19. I was able to use this product about 7 times (3 morning and night applications and 1 morning application)–a little of this product goes a long way. I focused on my tzone and a little bit of my cheeks. I covered my index finger and spread out the treatment. Obviously, depending on how much you need it, the mileage you get may change. 

I did check out the Suki website, and am pretty psyched to see it at such a good price on their website. It makes me think it’s something to add to my wishlist. (HINT!)

I was really surprised to find something I really liked in my first box, and I definitely needed to be introduced to this product. So sad it’s empty, but I can probably reuse the container!


20140727_112450What are your thoughts on the Suki brand? Do you have a favorite exfoliating product?



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