Workspace Spring Cleaning

It was time. In my bathroom (the small one of our two, it is also the one that is almost exclusively mine, as guests use my Husband’s), space is at a premium. And, with ever growing collections of polish, face and skin care as well as hair care, it was time for me to make things a little easier to manage.

2014-04-21 04.08.47 32014-04-21 04.08.39 32014-04-21 04.08.31 3

My cabinet has everything (apart from hair stuff) that I use on a daily basis. It’s close to my head and I can pull what I need and place it back neatly when I am done with it.

Below are stacked containers for hair products, nail products and skin care, along with all my lush goodies. The Natural baskets are plastic and stack and I found them at Daiso; at $1.50 a piece they are a steal!

Finally, there is the daily stuff that I cannot live without. I tried to cluster most of the stuff in the corner, and, so far, it’s been working like a charm—toner, deoderant, my hairbrush… All sorts of lovely things.

So, how do you keep clutter at bay in your bathroom?


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