I work in a sort of ghetto place, so sometimes finding things is very hard. Case in point, the OPI Gwen collection. I got lucky with Sally’s, but they didn’t carry everything (specifically the exclusive Gwen color). And, while I stumbled across a beauty supply shop (which, btw, advertised Vivica Fox’s extensions line–and it’s really pretty) and went in to get some clips for sectioning my hair for the insanely amazing early valentine’s day present I got from my husband.* (*sorry that was a really long run on sentence).

And, as I was at the register, I noticed this lovely.



It was retail (plus 4 cents, I think), gulp, but it has swarovski elements. And unless Julep is the most insanely awesome box I’ve every seen, I’m not buying any more polish in the forseeable future. So really, it was a necessity. Especially considering how hard it’s been to get this particular polish. I have not seen it in the wild yet. And, hello, it’s my girl, Gwen, AND it has swarovski elements!



The package looks like it should be an album cover insert. It’s so luxe.


Pardon the bad lighting, I had to take this on the dl because I didn’t want anyone seeing I was taking a picture. The elements look really cool, and there’s a booklet with ideas AND nail glue.

Super excited about this.
Review to follow.

Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts?



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