I ordered what?

My husband stopped at my Grandmother’s home last night and brought home some mail. Mail I wasnt sure what was because it was supposed to come to our house. Iy also had an ebay postage sticker on it, which threw me for a loop because I don’t ebay much anymore. So I opened the package, […]


I work in a sort of ghetto place, so sometimes finding things is very hard. Case in point, the OPI Gwen collection. I got lucky with Sally’s, but they didn’t carry everything (specifically the exclusive Gwen color). And, while I stumbled across a beauty supply shop (which, btw, advertised Vivica Fox’s extensions line–and it’s really […]

Life with Nails

I bit my nails for most of my life. And, while I consider myself cured of biting, I still pick my nails. I usually have 1-2 short nails at any given time, but right now, I am towards the zero short nails–which I am happy about. I must remind myself to do nail maintenance–like buffing, […]


My husband and I exchanged early Valentine’s day gifts today (okay, pressured him into it) and I was very surprised to find this little thing in an amazon box. It’s huge. It’s scary and I really have to watch it–my hair snarls in it very easily (I have thick, long hair)… He heard me reference […]