Influenster Review : Meaningful Beauty

Influenster provided me this, in return for my honest review.

VoxBox Influenster Post

I received Meaningful Beauty’s Crème de Serum as a test of the product for my honest review. I was not financially compensated in any way.

I have gotten pretty lazy about my skincare routine, I will be the first to admit it. I have blemishes and dry and oily skin and sometimes redness, coupled with very pale (and sometimes freckled) skin. This does not a good combination make.

But, I was pleasantly surprised when I received Meaningful Beauty’s Crème de Serum–it smells lovely, it moisturizes and protects AND it visibly has reduced my fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead.


And, I had a huge blemish on the side of my face–by day two of using the serum, it was all but gone.


Now, I’m not saying this product is the end-all, cure-all best product ever–but I will say that, for me, this product worked above and beyond what was processed and has gotten me to the point where I can feel great about my skin being out there. And, I am super happy with (having used this for weeks) that my skin looks young again–age-appropriately so, that is.


I recommend this product to anyone who might be looking for a good moisturizer that is a daily defense against all of the terrible things that we don’t think about skin encountering–including free radicals. Learn more about the Meaningful Beauty’s Crème de Serum’s benefits here. And, if you decide it’s something you like, there’s a 60-day moneyback guarantee so you can try it out. Let your skin decide.


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