I was a bad girl… I blame Ulta. They were having an Urban Decay event.

And so I got a makeover. And since I needed foundation and some type of moisturizer/primer, I ended up with the items pictured on the left below.

Foundation (their Naked Skin in 02, really IS weightless), B6  (prep spray that also moisturizes a little bit), Eyeshadow Primer Potion (It’s anti-aging) and a lip pencil (venom). I was hoping to score some Benefit products, but they did not have what I wanted, so about $120 down the bank account goes–and I scored the free gift on the right below. With an eye pencil, beauty balm, eyeshadow pencil and big fatty mascara in a pretty gold bag that my samples are going into.


SAM_0473 SAM_0474

I’ve had problems before with their eyeshadow itching me, but the colors in their new holiday palette did not do this to me (thankfully). And, I was super impressed. I probably could have done without the primer, but really, I needed some foundation (I’ve been using some that I purchased at the beginning of this year/end of last year–I know!).

Here’s what I ended up looking like (don’t judge):


Did you pick up any necessary, but unecessary, makeup lately?


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