Fingerpaints? Yes, I do!



Please note, I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Fingerpaints nail polish, sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply stores continue to be one of my favorite polish guilty pleasures. And, they’re currently on sale for $3.99 a bottle.

I picked up three polishes, and received a free gift, which was great. For under $15, I got a lot out of this trip to Sally’s.

The polishes are, pictured above from left, Winter Chill, Peacock Portrait and Kiss by the Tree.

Winter Chill is almost a dark purple/grayish color with pink and blue sparkles.
Peacock Portrait is blue, with blue sparkles and big holo pieces of glitter.
Kiss by the Tree is clear, with multi-shaped red and white pieces of glitter.

I haven’t yet swatched them, but I was really happy to pick them up, as I’ve been very non-sparkly lately. I got a mani a few weeks before the wedding that was grape purple and the gel mani I got for the wedding is still on my nails, in it’s french mani glory.

As polishes go, Fingerpaints is a pretty decent brand, for the price. You may have to do multiple coats with some colors–but really, for the price I can’t complain when the bottle with a comparable amount from another company is two to three times the price.

And, if I really had my way, I would probably do my nails a few times a week with different colors, so the chances of me using a whole bottle of polish are very slim, indeed.

One drawback is that I went to the site and was not able to find any of my new colors–it looks like the site is not regularly updated. :/

Have you used Fingerpaints? What are your favorite colors?



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