June Julep 2013: Here there be streaks


I was totally excited for June’s box. Prior to this box, I took a break from Julep due to formulation issues.
Those issues are still present, in spades. I applied two coats over clean and buffed nails, waiting ten minutes between coats and finished with Butter London topcoat.
Application is streaky. The cremes still have formula problems, I am sorry to say. However, the dd cream is okay.
I was disappointed that the cream, three pcs of candy and two polisjes were included, I had hoped for a brush or concealer sample. Especially considering the formula of the polishes (bad quality).
I do not know if I will be staying with Julep, I had hoped to use Julep as bridesmaid gifts and in part of the favors for my wedding guests, but it looks like I will not be doing this unless major changes happen with formulation.
Is anyone else having this issue?
Review of dd cream to come.
I was not paid anything for this review, I purchased these products from the Julep Maven program.


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