Opi Oz

I got my first order from Ulta recently. 4 polishes from a new OPI collection.


Colors from Oz The Great and Powerful. Yes, please.Because of their status, I could not use an Ulta coupon I had on them–so I traded in my Ulta points to get the shipping free and a small discount on the polishes. Yay, loopholes!
What Wizardry is This, When Monkeys Fly and Which is Witch? are pictured above. Not pictured (because I gave it to a relative because I REALLY am not feeling it) is Lights of Emerald City.

I added a quick swatch below.


Thumb: Which is Witch Index: When Monkeys Fly Middle: Lights of Emerald City and last, but not least, What Wizardry is This?

The formulation of the textured polish (What Wizardry) is AMAZING. With nothing on my nails, this polish went on quickly and uniformly (much better than a Mariah Carey polish from OPI in the textured format).

The Which is Witch is an amazing glitter, and I really liked the chunkiness of When Monkeys Fly. However, the Lights of Emerald City was really hard to apply–and even harder to keep on.

In fact, it was the only polish I had on my nails that refused to stay on.

I was super impressed with the others–and will definitely be challenging myself to use them.

I was impressed that I was able to use my Ulta points to get a discount I would not have otherwise gotten from the company. That being said, I am not a fan of the USPS postal regulations for nail polish, which slowed down the whole ordering process. And, I got some samples that I will be trying and reviewing soon.


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