I AM on a No-Buy BUT…



While I am on a no-buy, I have been DYING to see the new Modern Family collection by Nicole by OPI in stores, specifically because of the new Alex color. Alex By The Books.

First off, it reminded me of one of my most favorite nail colors of the last two years—Mermaid’s Tears, which was from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection by OPI—AND it features Alex Dunphy’s name (she is the character from Modern Family I most identify with) AND IT HAS BOOKS IN THE TITLE!!!!

I looked at a few stores, but did not find the color at CVS or at Target—until today. I was at the most ghetto CVS in the area and they also had the new and expanded nail polish display—go figure! I picked up the color and literally grabbed the other thing I went in for (Sinus rinse—yuck, right?) and then paid and LEFT.

I opened it, and noticed some texture on the handle, I don’t think I’ve seen that on other Nicole polishes. Also the brush was thinner and wider, which makes sense, but it also seems a bit like the polish itself is thinner than I am used to having with the Nicole line. I put two coats onto an untreated nail, but it was a little spotty at times. I think three coats would do the trick.

Overall, it looks like a very Easter-friendly color. Almost like an Easter egg. And it is definitely lighter than Mermaid’s Tears. It would go really well with sparkles or effects as well.

I, again, am currently on a no-buy, but I am happy I picked up this color. And I am most definitely not buying another color anytime soon (glittery Haley themed polish, I am talking directly to you!). But, I had the Extra bucks and it was the only place where I had seen the color, so it was like the nail polish fates aligned in perfect harmony. I’m excited to go home and do my nails for real now. I will say that it smells a bit differently than the polish I’ve been using lately…and the smell lingers.

The Polishaholic already reviewed the colors (and compared the full line with dupes here). I love the reviews. And, here’s another review by Prim and Polished.


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