A new life for an old color

This weekend, I used the Julep Matte topcoat over an OPI color I traditionally had problems using. Wocka Wocka is a bright red color from OPI’s the Muppets collection. This gave new life to a color I had written off previously, mostly due to the fact that I don’t like bright red on short nails…

There was a little wear on this over the four days I did wear it, but to be honest I REALLY love how it turned out. Just one coat of Wocka Wocka and one coat of Julep Matte topcoat (save a few spots I had to go back over because I could see where I missed spots). I also normally HATE wearing red (not just because of how short my nails have been traditionally) because when I take it off, my nails look like the site of a serial killing. Not so with this, The color came off pretty easily, thanks in part to the topcoat, I think.

I am really happy how this one turned out, and really happy I kept it on my nails for so long. Yay, giving new life to old colors!


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